PGS Int.
Professional Golf Services international  LLC.

Our Mission

The goal of PGS International is to provide a level of Service to both the  Client and the Architect that is unsurpassed in the Golf course industry.

No matter who the Architect is, we are committed to providing the perfect portal to be able to express their philosophy and ideals of what a golf course means to them.

To the Client, we will work tirelessly and diligently to bring their project from fruition to completion making it as pleasant and stress free as possible.

We will work to the highest standards of Environmental Stewardship, use the latest technology, and ideas to the forefront of the industry. All while bringing a "Cutting Edge " approach to solving problems.


Who we are

Paul and Greg have been in the Golf Course Industry for a total of over 45 years. Together we provide a perfect blend of Construction and Agronomical knowledge to the complex world of Golf course building and maintenance. 

Paul started off wanting to be a Engineer but after working on a golf course construction project for a summer , soon realized where his passion lay. He has worked on some of the biggest and toughest projects around the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. He brings experience and a vast knowledge of project development and construction no matter where it is or what the problems are.

Greg started out with a degree in Turf Management, but after many years of maintenance, he found his true calling of shaping and construction. Having shaped and built various high profile projects  throughout Asia and the Americas over the last decade, Greg brings a new perspective to the ever changing world of Golf Construction and Grass management.